Friday, March 2, 2012

George Will is a fool to believe in the 2016 fantasy

Will is a fool. Obama reelected is basically 1935.  2008 was 1933 w/o the enabling act that Hitler needed to rule by decree since congress played dead while thousands of extra-constitutional rules/laws were decreed by dozen of unaccountable tsars and bureaucrats. Obama’s reelection in 2012 will be 1935 and Obama’s electoral dictatorship will be irreversible. There are no allies to rid us of him.  The Will thesis is a sham since it supposes that congress can and will oppose Obama and 2016 will really exist.  It will not. If Obama is reelected this republic is a dead as Weimar.   Will and the establishment Republicans are as big a fools as Hindenburg, Papen, and Schleicher.  Once Obama is reelected the Republicans in congress, and certainly not our well-mannered, politically correct  aristocrats in the republican establishment, will never have the Ivy league guts to really oppose Obama.  A little whimpering and posturing in the beginning will not stop Obama’s grandiose plans for absolute and permanent power.  Poof!  200 years of liberty vanish to be replaced by yet another petty, do-gooder tyrant because a hand full of people want to be part of the show and social scene as long as possible.  How pathetic to have a great and unique nation end with a whimper.  These establishment enablers will get their just deserts when no longer needed; but then, so will we all when the beast is realized. There is no new world on Earth with which to start over.  There will be no savior. It will be over.