Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roe v Wade: Demographic A-Bomb

One can discuss Roe v Wade and abortion on demand without considering its moral aspects; one can discuss Roe v Wade without considering its legal aspects.  Both are grave. You cannot live in an era in which 50 million babies were casually snuffed out without wondering what impact this has had on people’s (particularly young people’s) attitude toward the sanctity of human live.  You cannot live in an era in which courts create constitutional rights out of thin air without wondering what impact this has had on people’s views regarding the constitution’s relevance and our future as a constitutional republic. However, these are both in some sense problematical considerations since arguments have been raging off and on about these two aspects of abortion on demand for several decades.  Typically one believes one side or the other.  Or one drifts back and forth between the two.
One aspect of Roe v Wade and abortion on demand is indisputable.  It was the greatest demographic event of the last forty years.  50 million is about 16% of the current US population. In some respects it is no different than some medieval plague that has snatched a million babies a year from their cribs.  None of the weeping, none of the sorrow attendant to plagues —at least not until later; often much later.  But demographic events and their effects operate not on the emotional plane but in the tangible world.  The US has its largest foreign born population since the turn of the twentieth century.  Had fifty million more native citizens been born during this time would there have been demand for labor that subjected the country to the stresses attendant to a volkerwanderung?  Now one might speculate as to whether the nation is better off with native born persons or by substituting a huge infusion of foreigners.  Is large scale adoption of foreign born babies good for the country or not?  I leave that to others.  But that there is an effect is what is indisputable.
Would liberal Ponzi schemes which are the basis of their socialist nanny state be collapsing had fifty million babies been born since 1973.  A cohort of these unborn would have started work lives in the mid 1990s.  Paying in.  Paying in.  Instead liberals have struck a blow at the base of the triangle that supports these Ponzi schemes.  All Ponzi schemes require a large and ever expanding base.  I cannot understand why they can never make the connection between this and their stand on population.
The tragedy is that in the greatest constitutional republic in history the real consequences of abortion on demand were never discussed.  There was no serious discussion of the demographic implications.  None.  Even now everyone prattles on about the sanctity of life and the right of a woman to choose. This entire time bomb was lobbed at us by a court —a court that had neither the background nor the inclination to consider the consequences of their actions.
Someone once told me that 75% of everything is determined by demographics.  25% is associated with all other causes.     Perhaps he was right.   At this stage, who cares?  A nation of children deserves what it gets.

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