Saturday, July 7, 2012

No CoPay Does not Mean Free

Living in a country in which liberals have dumbed down education to the point at which we are surrounded with ignorant numbskulls can be exasperating!  The president proclaims that sex accessories such as birth control pills and “preventive” procedures such as colonoscopies are to be provided by insurance plans without even a modest copayment.  The idiots that swim in the sea of stupidity think: free stuff.  Isn’t Obama a great guy!  NOTHING IS FREE.   Ordering that selected procedures, products or   medical services have no copay is simply cost shifting.  When selected copays are removed then either insurers reduce other benefits or raise premiums —or taxpayers foot the bill.  Somebody is paying.  As with everything this president ordains economics is replaced with politics.  The votes of those receiving the no copay benefit are purchased with money from others.  While this may seem reprehensible and immoral, it is the second play in the liberal political playbook (after racism).   The tragedy is that the suckers being conned (those paying for these “free” goodies but not receiving them) are too dumb to realize that someone is paying and the “generosity” of the anointed one is sleight of hand.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing were the hustler-in-chief to say to the American people: “I know what’s best for you.  And what’s best for me. Certain medical goodies should be free to certain people whose votes I want.  The rest of you will have to pay more for your coverage.  Hey, that’s life in Obamastan. Later maybe I will give something to you.”

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