Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why Obama Wants to Destroy the Last Place

The US is the last significant and safe place on Earth in which liberty and opportunity still exist.  That is why Obama is focused on destroying free enterprise, liberty, the right to property and opportunity here. In a world populated with states in which the little grey people (think the EU and France where the socialists plan to confiscate 75% of the earnings of the rich) or dictators or committees of dictators run the lives of the people, the US remains the last safe place.  What does the last place represent that Obama wants to end?  Competition and a safe haven.

President Reagan knew that the key to defeating Soviet socialism was competition.  Socialist states, and in particular totalitarian socialist states, cannot in the long run compete with free enterprise states.  What if there had been no free enterprise (capitalist) super power to compete with the Soviets?  Would they still rule Easter Europe with an iron hand? Very likely, yes.  The Soviet Union did not collapse from within.  In a world in which all the major economies are more or less socialist, economic competition (and ultimately military and political competition) is severely circumscribed (don’t confuse this with peace, the desire for peace, or the absence of war —I am speaking only with respect to resources and capabilities). Socialist states do not wither away.  The forces of international competition drive them out of business.  In a world order in which all of the major players are socialist and operate in a competition refereed by the United Nations these slow or no growth leviathans will persists for centuries, stagnating, tightening their control, suffocating their people.

Obama knows this.  And that is one reason why destroying free enterprise in the US is uppermost on his agenda.  He knows that this is a key element in establishing an international socialist order.  Little and not very powerful islands of freedom will be easy to intimidate or destroy.

Coupled with this is the notion of the safe haven.  The US is still the last hope for many.  If not for themselves, for their moveable assets (capital).  When the America that has existed for centuries is replaced by an Obama leviathan run by busy-body bureaucrats (apparatchiks) deciding who gets what and who gets to keep what, of what island of freedom will the rest of the world dream of escaping to? When the US is no longer free, there will be no place to go to.