Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Quintessence of Warmerism

The movement, religion, political philosphy and science of what use to be called "Global Warming" but is now usually referred to as "Climate Change" is summarized by what can be called "The Quintessence of Warmerism", which appears below.

1.       The earth is getting warmer.  Minor deviations from this trend are meaningless anomalies used by the enemies of climate science to stir up trouble and slow down the implementation of “solutions” —see item #2.

2.       The principal cause of warming is human activity, especially the creation of “greenhouse” gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.  To suggests that solar activity or long and short weather cycles can explain this is dangerous and subversive since man made global warming  is “established science”.  

a.       The scientists who study this are honest, infallible and only care about the people of the earth.  After all, their conclusions are based on carefully crafted computer models.

b.      The politicians and others who pay climate scientists care only about the people of the earth and are not attracted  to or influenced by the immense increases in their power associated with “solutions”.

3.       For the earth to get warmer is a bad thing that will ultimately lead to catastrophic results.

a.       The earth was perfect around 1975, being blessed with perfect year round temperatures from Siberia to Sri Lanka.

b.      It is senseless to discuss how large the temperature increase need be to create catastrophe.  Any increase is quite dangerous.

c.       To suggest that some places might benefit from warming is na├»ve and dangerous.  The fact that Vikings once grew grapes in Greenland is a myth.

4.        Changes in human activity can abate or mitigate this warming.

a.       These changes in human behavior will require an immense increase in state power and the scope of bureaucratic control of human activity, hence forth known as expert control.

                                                              i.      Expert control means the creation of less energy and energy at a higher cost.

                                                            ii.       Energy is the ability to do work — that is, expert control will lead to lesser quantities of goods and services being created, higher prices, and sacrifice by the masses.

                                                          iii.      The masses would never behave this new way without expert “advice” since they are ignorant and fail to grasp the big picture.  For that reason the costs of the solutions mandated by experts should never be explicitly brought to the attention of the masses.  They are easily confused.

                                                           iv.      Past experience in the Soviet Union and Communist China show how effective expert control can be.  

b.      It is senseless to discuss the tradeoffs between the loss of freedom and wealth and the effects of warming since the alternative is catastrophe.

c.       Pointing out that previous periods of warming did not produce catastrophe is irresponsible and dangerous.

5.       Listen to the climate scientists, experts, and politicians who know exactly what you need.

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